state of the art milling plant We consistently improve the living standards of our consumers through innovation and technology. Learn more renowned for our quality and affordability. We provide you with World class quality products for value of money that would meet and exceed your expectations let’s get started

We have highly efficient milling plants for quality flour production.


Our modern ROFF Milling machinery offers very high-quality flour.


We hire highly skilled professionals who have mastered their art exponentially.


We produce our flour in large scale to meet all your needs.


Welcome to Buffalo Millers LTD

We are a milling firm which has been in operation for over 10 years milling flour and flour products.

The company was established with the objective of providing the Kenyan market with high-quality grain products.  We manufacture an array of products like maize meal, home baking flour and by-products.  We continually strive to meet our customer’s demands promptly through our highly motivated and qualified workforce.

Client satisfaction 96%
Quality 99%

We provide a wide distribution network due to high demand for our products.

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